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  • Interests!

    2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited!
    750 Honda Shadow Aero!
    KLUG - Kingston Linux User Group!
    The Brockville Lions Steel Band
    Brockville District Fish and Game Club
    BICC - Brockville Independent Computer Club
    BARC - Brockville Amateur Radio Club
    Check out my posted photographs!

    Programming at SourceForge.Net
    Apple History and Links Apple //gs Emulator
    Canon Digital Rebel Photography (And Links)
    Ebay Canada - Online Buy and Sell
    PayPal - Internet Electronic Payment


  • Boxee Box by D-Link!
  • Boxee Plus Hacks (Unofficial Update)!

  • Android - Home!
  • Android - History!
  • Android - via x86 and a Virtual Machine!

  • Wikipedia - What Is A VirtualMachine
  • VMWare - The Original?
  • VMWare - A History!
  • VMWare Player FREE Download (Scroll right to the bottom of the list)!
  • VirtualBox - The Open Source Alternative!

  • Google Code: Open Source Project Hosting!

  • Free Canadian Tax Preparation Software ... Looks Good (Feb 2018)!
  • Free Canadian Tax Preparation Software ... Looks Good (Mar 2015)!

  • PuTTY: A Free Secure Shell Client For MSWin!
  • TightVNC: Free, Multiplatform Desktop Sharing Client/Server Based on the VNC Protocol!

  • Raspberry Pi: An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. A programming learning tool! (120305)

  • apcupsd: Control an APC UPS from within Linux; Works with serial and USB!
  • CDfs: A Linux file system to access all sessions/tracks on a CD!

  • SpeedTest.Net (original; requires flash)!
  • SpeedTest.Net Beta!

  • NMap Online Port Scanner (Open Source)!
  • Shields Up Security Check!
  • Security Space Audit!
  • DSL Reports Speed Test!
  • Bell Speed Test!
  • Speed Test - Canada!

  • S10sh: Access the embedded DOS processor in your Canon camera!

  • Apple // History Site - 35 Years Old in 2012!
  • Kegs: Apple //gs Emulator; multi platform!
  • AppleWin: Apple //e Emulator; works under Linux Wine!
  • ActiveGS: Browser based Apple //gs Emulator!
  • GNO/ME: UNIX for the Apple IIgs!
  • THE Apple File Repositiry!
  • Apple Stuff Mirror/Repository!
  • Marinetti: Apple TCP/IP stack!

  • FC-Solve: Freecell solitaire game solver!
  • Microsoft Security Essentials (AntiVirus)(For MSWin)
  • Open Office (Now owned by Oracle)
  • Libre Office (Open Source fork of Open Office; Sept 2010)
  • MSWindows Time Zone Editor 2007 Windows Time Zone Change Time Zone Editor Example
  • Linux Tux Evolution - Wikipedia
  • Experimental!

    Demo Mitton Home Page
    FreeShell.Org Example Site
    CyberSpace.Org Example Site
    FreeHostia Web Page
    Original Sympatico Home Page


    [ 2017-04-18 12:30am ]
    Bell/Sympatico DSL account cancelled.

    [ 2017-03-21 ]
    Connected with High-Speed cable internet. Via TrueSpeed and Cogeco Cable.

    [ 2016-08-12 ]
    Experimenting with a format change (screen width and layout), in default.css.

    [ 2008-11-27 ]
    Experimenting with a format change, the MAX width of the screen.

    [ 2006-11-05 ]
    Updated to extreme tracking V3 (from V2). Since the data is not transferred I'm leaving both in place for now.

    [ 2006-11-04 ]
    General site maintenance, I added a second counter as the "free" one had started going on and off. No real reason, I just like counters!

    [ 2006-08-29 ]
    Reformatted the page for my new domain
    This page is so I can find my home computer. It is also temporarily the home page for the new domain.
    No web composer was used, it was written in raw html with the vim editor.

    [ 2006-01-18 ]
    Re-wrote the home page in an updated format.
    No web composer was used, it was written in raw html with the vim editor.
    Sympatico doesn't allow dynamic web pages so this is just "flat" html.

    [ 2004-10-22 ]
    Sympatico crash lost my counter data from 001010!

    [ 2000-09-27 ]
    My first Sympatico web page, in order to keep track of my dynamic IP address.

    [ 2000-09-21 ]
    Connected via Sympatico DSL for the first time.

    [ 1997-03-16 ]
    Registered with (Linux Counter) as user #50401.